To every young person before the age of 50, our mission is your mission; TO PROTECT YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER FROM DEMENTIA NOW.  Our Mission is TO HELP YOU HELP YOUR PARENTS who would not be aware of the dangers of old age and memory loss.  They would not be aware of the first signs of dementia until they will fall into complete dependence on you just to survive.

There were 9.2 million Chinese with a diagnoses of dementia in 2010.  5.7 had a diagnoses of Alzheimer’s disease.  By 2020, 20 million will suffer from dementia and 65% of those over 95 will have Alzheimer’s, and these sad statistics are even worse because 75% of the Chinese who have Alzheimer’s or early dementia have never been diagnosed.

By the time your parent reaches 70 to 80, the tragic rehabilitating effects of the disease will be clearly obvious.  Therefore, your parents should begin a course of nutrients when they are 60 to ward off the effects of dementia.  10% of those at 65 are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  15% at 70; 20% at 75 and 47 % at 85 or older.  The earlier you begin treatment the better the chance to stop the downward spiral into complete dependency where they require total nursing care.

SO WHAT CAN YOU DO TO PROTECT YOUR PARENTS?   Begin a plan of nutrient care now to save them from this tragic end.

OUR MISSION WILL HELP YOU REACH YOUR HEARTFELT GOAL; To provide you with the nutrient to save your parents at the lowest cost possible.

We are very serious about our Mission.  Dr. Peter Magaro is the founder and director of MTCA which had approved MEMORY REJUVENATION and considers it the best nutrient on the market to halt memory loss and dementia. Dr. Peter Magaro has spoken at many conferences on neuroplasticity and Alzheimer’s disease and considers these ingredients the most effective. The research presented in the last section supports this view. He has been an authority in the diagnoses and treatment of cognitive deficiencies in the elderly through a proprietary computerized treatment program. His research program into cognition and mental disorders has spanned 25 years and resulted in over 60 research articles, 15 book chapters and 3 books. He has spoken at many conferences in China on the topic of memory care and dementia in Assisted Living Facilities.

During the past decade, scientific research and clinical work has produced an explosion of information which has guided the development of MTCA interventions to help the elderly from suffering from medical conditions such as early stage Alzheimer’s disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment. Additionally, we have learned that not only can the neurodegenerative conditions be slowed and stabilized, but also that the onset of memory loss can be delayed or prevented by the use of interventions, such as nutrients and other behaviors. The Brain Rejuvenation nutrient has been specially developed by MTCA to treat Alzheimer’s disease and Memory Loss. The ingredients are used in the US by the elderly to protect themselves from dementia. If nutrients are taken as prescribed. The Rejuvenation nutrient can help you and your parents