Our goal has been to produce a cognitive strength nutrient which must first satisfy the primary goal of any nutrient.  The nutrient must be safe.  The ingredients must be those which are stated as being in the compound and nothing else.  There can be no contaminant in the ingredients that make up the nutrient.  We have partnered with a prime manufacturer to produce our nutrient, BRAIN REJUVENATION because of their attention to compliant manufacturing.  They HAVE EXAMINED EACH STEP IN THE MANUFACURING OF THE NUTRIENT and guarantee that our product is free of any contamination and more so the complete manufacturing process is overseen and examined every day.  In this manner we can assure you that you will be receiving the right amount of nutrient in the correct form with every capsule.  All the Brian Rejuvenation ingredients listed on the label are discussed in the research section.  There are no substitutions.  All ingredients are from the USA and have been manufactured and packaged in the USA.


A complete list of the primary and secondary INGREDIENTS in this supplement can be found on the product label which is included in the product images. Each ingredient is explained in the research section which follows on the next page, SCIENTIFICLY PROVEN.   The use of so-called ‘proprietary blends, which are commonly found on supplement labels, allows companies to bundle multiple ingredients under a made-up name and not tell you what you’re really getting. Our policy of FULL TRANSPARENCY means that you always see exactly what is in our supplement.


Brain Rejuvenation provides 120 capsules in each bottle.  Other nutrient manufacturers only provide 60.  We provide 120 because we urge the user to take 4 capsules a day (2 in the morning and 2 in the evening) to obtain the correct dosage of the nutrient in their body.  Research has shown us that we need this quantity for the nutrient to be effective.  IF DOSAGE IS LESS, THE NUTRIENT WILL NOT BE EFFECTIVE TO HELP COGNITIVE PROCESSES that are damaged.  And while it is cheaper it is useless.  The purely preventive dosage without any dementia could be prescribed at 2 capsules a day.


UNDER THE SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER, The cost of one bottle of our supplement is $59.  Each bottle contains 120 capsules.  Most other products only contain 60 capsules. We urge people with memory problems to ingest 4 capsules a day which allows one bottle to last one full one month.  We recommend a full treatment course to last 6 months.
When you examine the cost of our treatment, yu will find it is one of the least expensive on the market.  Why?  Because we provide 4 times the nutrient for the same price as other competitors who only provide ½ the amount of the ingredients. The cost of a day’s treatment of 4 capsules is only $8: That is not even the cost of a price of a pack of some cigarettes.  That says that with Brain Rejuvenation, when a person gives the gift of cognitive health to a loved one, it cost no more than the cost of a pack of cigarettes a day.  Therefore, when you look at the quantity of nutrients in a bottle, our treatment is not only safe and effective but also less costly than others who offer much less ingredients.
Our treatment is affordable.